August 12, 2013
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New DMS™ Login System Requires Password Change

Your new MLS® security system is starting tomorrow, August 13th, 2013.

The new system is called Scout for SAFEMLS® and it's an MLS® authentication technology provided by Clareity Security. Scout helps REALTOR® Associations curb illegitimate sharing of accounts through an automated multi-layered authentication and mitigation process, which includes username and password, keystroke dynamics, device identification, one-time passwords, and challenge response questions. And, best of all, it does this without inconveniencing legitimate users. If you aren't sharing your password, you won't know it's there. If you are, well ... you will definitely know it's there. MLS® is our greatest asset and we need to keep it safe. Scout will help.

Tomorrow, August 13, you will have to change your password and share some answers to specific questions to you (just like you do with your bank) and from there it will be seamless... The first 60 days will be the computer getting to know you, then, after that, there will be processes put in place for those sharing passwords. Stay tuned for more information in this regard – but please rest assured you won't get cut off without due notice. There will be a series of emails giving notice of password change, etc. You will never just get cut off, so don't worry!

Please make sure that you write down your new password! If you'll try to log in to the DMS™ system using the wrong password, the system will lock you out after six failed attempts. Then, you will have to wait for two minutes to try again. If, after those two minutes, you enter again a wrong password, the system will not respond to you. At that point, you will need to call LSTAR for help with your password. Therefore, it would be a good idea to change your password during the day, write it down, and keep it in a safe place. Also, right after changing your password, we would advise you to try logging in to the DMS™ system, to ensure that it works.

Message from Millenium Real Estate Solutions (formerly Filogix)

New Millenium DMS™ login system for your Association!

We are now using Clareity Security to provide login analytics for your association to aid in prevention of password sharing and improve data security.

Members will be required to login via the new screen and perform a one time account set up complete with password verification process to enable the new security.

Please follow the steps in this guide to get started with this one-time setup process.

Instructions for Completing Enrollment

  1. Enter your MLS® login ID and password. Select your Association.

  2. Redirect to one-time enrollment process.

  3. Choose your Association and click on "I Agree."

  4. Create your password recovery questions and personal password.

  5. You've completed enrollment. Select MLS® button to log in.

  6. Select your Association from the landing page.

  7. Now log in with your newly created password and choose your association to continue on to access DMS™.

President:  Doug Pedlar |  Executive Vice-President:  Betty Doré
London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS®
342 Commissioners Road West, London, ON  N6J 1Y3
Who to Call at Your Association

519-641-1400 LSTAR
1-877-573-6163 Technology Helpline
1-800-469-1664 Touchbase Support
1-888-237-7945 WEBForms Support Line
1-877-699-6787 Supra Help Desk
1-800-265-3489 Millenium Real Estate Solutions DMS™
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