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Hamilton Road Statistics

Map of Hamilton Road

On December 21, 1912 the villages of Pottersburg, Ealing, Chelsea Green and Knollwood became part of the City of London adding 5,100 people to the city roster.  Pottersburg and Ealing were the largest villages with a total of 4300. The annexation of these two villages extended the boundaries of the city eastwards beyond Highbury Avenue. These two suburbs were largely residential, although sparsely settled. Between the groupings of mostly frame houses were many empty lots, filled with daisies, high grass and bushes. The annexation of these areas took the population of London to over 50,000 which allowed for the Street cars to run on Sundays. Ealing and Pottersburg, through annexation, received the advantages of police and fire protection, city sewerage, street lighting, hydro power and eventually paved streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters.  Spurred by the post WW1 population boom the newly serviced streets gave stimulus to a rapid residential development.

At the foot of St. Julian Street is the Thames River which had been used as one of the popular swimming holes in the city located in St. Julien playground.  This park was purchased by the city in 1927  from C. E. Finch. It was equipped with a natural swimming pool (in the river) in which a sand bag dam was built to deepen the water.

Architectural Styles:

The school facilities listed show the schools located in the area. No assumption of automatic enrolment of your child into any particular facility is implied.  Parents must speak to the school board of interest for child enrollment.

Public Elementary:
Lester B Pearson School For The Arts
Ealing Public School
Fairmont Public School

Catholic Elementary:
Holy Cross Separate School
St. Bernadette Catholic School

Holy Cross Secondary School

Post Secondary Institutions
University of Western Ontario:
Fanshawe College


Sheffield Industrial Park
Norton Estates
Windlow Estates

Sports Facilities and Parks

River Road Golf Course
St. Juliens Park
Silverwoods Park
Fairmont Park
Kiwanis Park
East Park Golf Gardens

Crouch Branch

London Health Sciences
St. Joseph's Health Care:

London Transportation Commission Ride-Guide Map


Madame Vanier Children Services

Craigwood Youth Services