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In 1829 approximately 200 slaves from Cincinnati who were under the threat of being enslaved again were granted refuge and land by the Canada Company. They moved to the area and named it Wilberforce.  This was one of the earliest, if not the earliest slave refuge colony in Upper Canada and existed before emanicpation.

Until its incorporation in 1872, the village of Lucan had been known as Marystown, named in tribute to the wife of John McDonald, who was the original land surveyor of the area. When a duplicate Marystown was found to have already registered with the Post Office, the name Lucan was put forth and accepted by the postal authorities. Lucan was named in tribute to Lord Lucan, a prominent landowner in Ireland.[1]

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Peter Butler: A Pioneer of Biddulph

Township of Lucan Biddulph

Architectural Styles:
Lucan has many different styles of architecture spanning over 150 years.

Public Elementary:
Lucan P.S. (JK - Grade 3)
Biddulph Central (Gr 4 - 8)

Medway High School

Post Secondary Institutions
University of Western Ontario
Fanshawe College

Sports Facilities and Parks
Lucan Community Memorial Centre
Granton Community Park
Market Street Park
Elm St. Park

Lucan Library

Lucan has access to all the hospitals in London and all the hospitals of Middlesex County.

Map of Lucan

List of Businesses in Lucan

[1] Raycraft Lewis, Jennie Lewis (1966). Sure an' this is Biddulph. p. 163. OCLC 37399.