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Glen Cairn Statistics

Map of Glen Cairn

In March of 1793, Governor Simcoe, his aides and Jack Sharp (the family Newfoundland Dog) camped overnight at the Westminster Ponds the evening before they hiked down to the forks of the Thames in the Village of London. House construction began in the village of Chelsey Green (Adelaide Street, south of the river Thames) in the late 1800's and continued development and expansion through WWII. During this time the area between Wellington and Highbury saw a lot of action during the Rebellion of 1837 while farmers revolted as they listened to William Lyon MacKenzie at Swartz's Tavern.  The Guthrie House (formerly Swartz's Tavern), located on Commissioners at the west border of Glen Cairn, was where the Home Children from England were sent during WWII.

Architectural Styles:
Architectural styles in this area reflect the many eras ranging from ornate Victorian to modern construction.

The school facilities listed show the schools located in the area. No assumption of automatic enrolment of your child into any particular facility is implied.  Parents must speak to the school board of interest for child enrollment.

Public Elementary:
Glen Cairn Public School
C C Carrothers Public School
Princess Elizabeth Public School

Catholic Elementary:
St. Sebastian Catholic School


Post Secondary Institutions
University of Western Ontario:
Fanshawe College

Chelsea Green
Chelsea Heights
Glencairn Woods
Pond Mills

Sports Facilities and Parks
Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre
Glen Cairn Park
Westminster Park borders the west side of Glen Cairn. 
East Park Golf Gardens is east of the Glen Cairn area by 15 minutes or so by car. It provides lots of activities for the entire family.

Pond Mills Library

London Health Sciences
St. Joseph's Health Care:

London Transportation Commission Ride-Guide Map

Glen Cairn Centre