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City of London Information 2001 Census:

Byron Statistics

Map of Byron Resources

Byron Village established in ____.  Through Annexation in _________ it became part of the city of London but is still known to Londoners as Byron.

Byron History, Politics and Information

Architectural Styles:

The school facilities listed show the schools located in the area. No assumption of automatic enrolment of your child into any particular facility is implied.  Parents must speak to the school board of interest for child enrollment.

Public Elementary: Catholic Elementary:  
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School

Post Secondary Institutions
Both the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College are located northeast of Byron and are accessible by an approximate 30 - 40  minute LTC bus ride.


Park Lane
Warbler Woods
Somerset Hills
Somerset Ridge

Sports Facilities and Parks
Warbler Woods
Parklane Park
Jorgenson Park
North Street Park
Scenic View Park
Belvedere Place Park
Griffith Street Park
Whisperwood Park
Crestwood Woods
Somerset Woods
Boler Mountain (Skiing/Snowboarding)

Byron Branch Library

All hospital campuses are located east of Byron.  By car it takes approximately 20 minutes to drive to London Health Sciences Westminster Campus and St. Joseph's Health Care Parkwood Hospital. St. Joseph's Health Care (Urgent care) is a drive of approximately 30 minutes from Byron.

London Transportation Commission Ride-Guide Map
Byron is located south and east of downtown London.  It is serviced well by the London Transportation Commission.

Byron is a highly residential area however since it was a village prior to annexation it has many stores, shops and restaurants to service your daily needs.